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Fructose free chocolate: Light-hearted enjoyment even with fructose intolerance

Diagnosis of fructose intolerance or malabsorption means a fundamental change in eating habits. Since the fructose contained in food cannot be digested at all or only very poorly, conventional food delights are prohibited with immediate effect.

But why should you do without the sweet spread for your breakfast roll and never eat chocolate again? That doesn't have to be! Tom & Krissi´s offers you many fructose free sweets and also fructose free chocolate from Frankonia, which are not only digestible, but above all taste really good.

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Whether for breakfast or in between: The fructose free chocolate products from Tom & Krissi´s are perfect for everyone who wants to enjoy delicious sweets without complaints despite fructose intolerance. Discover our assortment today! 

Fructose free chocolate products from Tom & Krissi´s in many variations - always a lovingly made treat for the palate

As those affected ourselves, we have established that fructose free food from the grocery store often have a catch - they do not taste good. Sugar alternatives to fructose such as glucose/ dextrose , malt sugar and rice syrup can be used to conjure up many delicious delicacies.

Self-tested and proven recipes as well as loving handwork are the secret ingredients for our fructose free chocolate products: Discover the tastiest sweets of our manufactory!

  • Fructose free chocolate spread for breakfast rolls - start the day with a delicious treat 

The chocolate cream has always been a tasty start to the day for you? Then don't miss it! Our delicious Choco Nux and Choco Noir creams are the foundation of an excellent chocolate breakfast experience.

  • Low fructose alternatives to bakery cakes - juicy cakes from the glass

Enjoy delicious cakes without fructose - perfect for afternoon coffee! In addition to chocolaty varieties such as SchokoNuss, Cherry-Choc, Schoko-Vanille or the Mousse-au-Chocolat cake Schokomania, you will also find fruity varieties with an orange or lemon note.

  • In between snacks without remorse - chocolate biscuits to fall in love with

Whenever you feel like a little delicacy - with our Schoko-Orange-Sandplätzchen, Schoko-Haferflocken-Keksen, American Cookies  and many other varieties you can also enjoy the full taste with fructose intolerance!

Fantastic own creations and fructose free chocolate from Frankonia - in our assortment sweet toothers will find everything that tastes good.

In addition to our delicious chocolate products without fructose, we also offer fructose free chocolate from Frankonia. Whenever you feel like something sweet: With us you will always find the right snack!

We are continuously expanding our range with new products - visit us regularly. Subscribe to our newsletter to make sure you don't miss a thing!