Cherry-Choc Cake

Content: 165 Gram

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ü fructose poor

ü lactose free


Average nutritional values (per 100 g):

Calories 1235 kJ/ 285 kcal
Fat 13,7 g
  Saturated Fat 6,5 g
Carbohydrates 36,5 g
  Total Sugar 20,6 g
Roughage 1,6 g
Protein 5,4 g
Salt < 0,5 g

Contained Sugar: Glucose 19,2 g
  Fructose < 1,6 g
  Lactose < 0,1 g


Ingredients: Wheat flour, sour cherries without added granulated sugar, eggs, dextrose, plantfat, fructose-/ lactose free chocolate, vanilla oil, raising agents (disodium disphosphate, sodium hydrogen carbonate, maize starch), salt



Immediately after baking, our cakes are tightly closed and awakened. The cakes are therefore at least 12 months durable (from production date).

Due to manual production, there may be slight deviations in the filling quantity (ca. 165 g net).

The cake comes in practical tumblers from which it can simply be tilted onto a plate.

Cherry-Choc Cake

Low fructose and lactos -free chocolate cherry cake made from aromatic sour cherries and fructose free chocolate.

Content: 165 Gram