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Strawberry Fruit-Spread


(€19.96* / 1000 Gramm)
With lots of sun-ripened strawberries for 100% flavour. The special energy kick for breakfast thanks to sweetening with dextrose - for a good start to the day!
Content: 250 Gramm
Product number: FA0001
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Product information "Strawberry Fruit-Spread"

Made from 56g of strawberries per 100g

Ingredients: Strawberries, dextrose, fructose-free glucose syrup, gelling agent: pectin, concentrated lemon juice.


The fruit spreads are shelf-stable for at least 12 months when unopened (from the production date).

Due to seasonal and harvest variations, slight deviations in taste may occur.

In addition to glucose syrup, we intentionally use dextrose for added flavor depth. Should slight crystallization occur, it does not affect the taste and does not indicate a quality defect.

Made in Germany.

*Serving: Quantity for one roll (20g)

Intolerances: low-fructose
Properties: vegan

Contained sugars

per 100g

per Portion*

Total fructose

1,6 g

0,38 g

Sorbitol from the fruit

0,014 g


Nutritional values

per 100g

Calorific value

730 kJ/ 174 kcal


< 0,3 g

of which saturated fatty acids

< 0,1 g


40,7 g

thereof sugar

36,6 g


0,5 g


0,04 g