Choco NUX - Nut Nougat Cream 250g

Choco NUX - Nut Nougat Cream 250g

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Intolerance low-fructose
Intolerance lactose-free
Intolerance wheat flour-free

Nut nougat cream free of fructose, lactose and wheat flour. A sweet dream!

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  • SA0002

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ü fructose free

ü lactose free

ü wheat flour free


Average nutritional values (per 100 g):

Calories 1686 kJ/ 401 kcal
Fat 19,2 g
  Saturated Fat 6,0 g
Carbohydrates 52,4 g
  Total Sugar 40,0 g
Roughage 1,5 g
Protein 3,8 g
Salt < 0,2 g

Contained Sugar: Glucose 24,5 g
  Fructose < 0,4 g
  Lactose < 0,01 g


Ingredients: Glucose syrup (glucose, maltose), plant fat, dextrose, hazelnuts, lactose free skimmed milk powder, almonds, cocoa powder, vanilla aroma, salt



The ChocoNUX are for at least 12 months durable (from production date).

Cooked with love and filled by hand - this can lead to small fluctuations in the filling quantity (approx. 235 g net).